Bowflex E216 Review

Bowflex E116 vs E216 Elliptical Review [Must Read]

Ellipticals are focused at involving your entire body and providing it with endurance to go on. They not just work on your thighs and legs but also bring into account the fat in the upper body and work towards reducing that too. You need to eat healthy and workout on an everyday basis to see changes. And you will see it. The Bowflex Company wishes to provide with all the necessary fitness equipment to help you prioritise your health.

Bowflex E116 is cheaper and is available at around $1500 which is $300 lesser than that of Bowflex E216. While Bowflex E216 has a heavier flywheel of 35 lbs for a smooth functioning mechanism which is more than that of Bowflex E116 which is 30 lbs.

Bowflex E116 Elliptical Review

Bowflex E116 Elliptical Review

  • Product Weight: 285 pounds
  • Item Measurements: 77 L x 31 W x 70 H inches
  • Exercise Programs: 9
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: Explore the World App included
  • Screen: 7.5 inches full color (Backlit LCD)
  • Stride distance: 22 inches
  • Heart Rate Calculator: Contact and Telemetry activated along with chest strap
  • Resistance stages: 25
  • Foot platforms: Switch select (Adjustable)
  • USB port: Available
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
  • Warranty Period: 15/5/5/2 (Frame/mechanical parts/electronics/labor) years
  • Pedal material: cushioned
  • Affordability: Under 1500 dollars
  • Pedal inclination: up to 10 percent


If you wish to synchronise your workout data with the Free Results Series Application you can do it via Bluetooth. The application is compatible with Android version 5.0 and above and iOS 9.0 or above. This is an important feature so as to allow you to manage your schedule according to your goals and achieve them no matter what. It keeps you going when you wish to give up.

Explore the World App:

This application helps you trod on different parts of the earth at your velocity. You unlock new pathways every 30 days and are en route to a new location. While moving along different paths you can also monitor all the parameters including speed, time, distance, calories burnt and the rate at which your heart is pumping. You can plot your own paths and traverse in them. You can share your progress through applications like Strava, MapMyRun or others.

Save Time and Money:

The machine  price might sound expensive to you initially but if you look at the other way round, it saves a lot on your expenses, well not just yours but your family’s too. It is a multi user machine for four people. You do not have to pay for any gym memberships further. You don’t have to commute there and suffer the irritation of being stuck in traffic again after a hectic day. You can simply utilise that time to workout and burn calories.

Non-strenuous System:

The machine believes in a low impact system. The idea is not to involve you in a stressful workout but to decrease the force barrier a little so you can smoothly start and stay consistent at it. The pedals are cushioned on the platform. This is to ensure that while you are working out, it is an easy experience for you and you do not have to put in a lot of effort to pedal. The machine focuses on activating your ligaments and muscles so as to enhance flexibility. If the system is such that you yourself would be willing to toil a little more and that would help you burn calories.

Warranty and Return Policy:

If you are hampering your mind thinking that you are buying an elliptical for a lot more cost then just relax and check out what the machine has to offer you. The machine comes with long warranties to prevent the customer from paying any extra costs for a lengthy duration. It has a 15 year long warranty for the elliptical frame, 5 years warranty for its mechanical parts as well as electronics that might need any attention. Further, it has a 2 year labor warranty for which again you do not have to spend a dime. In addition to this, comes a money back guarantee period of 6 weeks for your entire trial and error on the machine.

Pros & Cons

  • The resistance levels are 25 for you to try and test your strength.
  • The pedals are cushiony and can be inclined up to 10 percent.
  • The machine is well set for aggressive workouts.
  • The handle bars have a grip at 3 different locations.
  • The machine offers as many as 9 applications for workout.
  • It is a multi user machine for friends and family.
  • All the controls are designed so they ate within your reach.
  • Your heart beats per minute can be easily calculated with the help of a chest strap.
  • There is an accessory shelf present on the machine for you to keep your things while exercising.
  • The machine has Bluetooth connectivity to share your progress.
  • It has space to keep your water bottle.
  • The machine can withstand a weight up to 375 lbs.
  • The stride distance is 22 inches which is troublesome for short heighted people.
  • The machine cannot be folded and stored. It stays as it is.
  • The cost if judged independently might be expensive to some.

Bowflex E216 Elliptical Review

Bowflex E216 Review

  • Product Weight: 289 pounds
  • Item Measurements: 77 L x 31 W x 70 H inches
  • Exercise Programs: 11
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: Explore the World App included
  • Screen: 9 inches full color (Backlit LCD)
  • Stride distance: 22 inches
  • Heart Rate Calculator: Contact and Telemetry activated along with chest strap
  • Resistance stages: 25
  • Foot platforms: Switch select (Adjustable)
  • USB port: Available
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Warranty Period: 15/5/5/2 (Frame/mechanical parts/electronics/labor) years
  • Pedal material: cushioned
  • Affordability: Under 1800 dollars

Appealing features:

The machine offers an accessory tray to keep your extras while exercising. You can place your phone, play your workout playlist and get going. Then there is a USB port for you to charge your phone and use it even while you are at the machine. There comes a chest strap along with the machine to keep a count on your heart beats per minute. The machine is stable and has an easy to read monitor for you to check the exercising parameters every moment.

Easy Controls:

The machine is designed so that it is easy to control and all of them are at your fingertips.

The display screen shows you the burn rate. There you can witness the number of calories you have burned in every 60 seconds. The handle has grips at multiple places for you to manage the inclination as well as the resistance stages. The design is user friendly and smart for a smooth experience. It has been made to keep in mind all the generations not just youngsters who are already tech savvy.

In your house:

The weather outside is unpredictable? Is it windy, rainy or too sunny? What to do? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The machine is within your premises. Hop on to it at any time of the day or night and get started with the exercises. The experience after working out is just amazing for you to go on for the entire day active and calm at the same time.


The display screen is 9 inches and gives you a colourful panorama. There are as many as 11 exercise sessions that you could look up to and choose from. You can develop your own exercise session and customise it on spot. Isn’t that just a ‘WOW’ feature? You pick your comfort level, step into it and begin the training. Gradually, enhance it and then step out of it and workout a little more on a daily basis according to your body capacity. This will keep you motivated and engaged.

Warranty and Guarantee:

Even if you are paying a little more there is warranty to back your investment. It lasts differently for different parts of the machine. The body of the machine has a warranty of 15 years, the mechanical parts have a warranty of 5 years, the electronics involved in the machine have a warranty of 5 years and there is another 2 years of Labor warranty for any fixation issue. Apart from that, there is a 6 week money back guarantee, in midst of which you can test the product and all its parts else return it and the entire purchase price would be returned to you. In addition to that, if you wish to enhance the Labor warranty by 5 years you can do it in around 200 dollars extra.

Pros & Cons

  • The product has a good warranty period and comes with a six week money back guarantee.
  • The machine can withstand a weight of 400 lbs which is more than the previous model.
  • The machine has a water bottle holder.
  • You can manage the speed and the resistance stage according to your suitability.
  • Your heart beats per minute can be measured through the chest band present.
  • The machine offers an option to transfer data through Bluetooth.
  • The machine is good enough to support your friends and family.
  • While exercising if you want to keep your phone or charger there is a separate shelf for it.
  • The display screen is larger than the previous model.
  • You have a variety of 11 training sessions.
  • The pedals would give comfort to your feet as they are cushioned.
  • The machine can lean up to 10 percent.
  • The machine is new in the market and is still to explore the unsatisfactory parameters.
  • The machine is more expensive than the other model.
  • The machine is heavy.
  • The machine cannot be folded and kept to one side in order to optimise space.


The Bowflex Elliptical is a must have equipment in your home gym. The machine is individualised for better productivity. The machine can help you set your fitness aims and attain them in a limited time period with of course better results than expected. The machines are not much different apart from the display screen size, the training sessions they offer and weight it can withstand. You can look into the details of features and specifications before making the correct choice as per your affordability. But both the machines would help you lose the calories at a good rate without impacting your knees,  joints and feet as the pedals are cushioned. Therefore, they are fit for longer training sessions and do not leave you tired at the end of it.


Q: What should be the height of the ceiling to fit the elliptical?
A: The minimum height should be 29 inches plus your height.

Q: What price range do the Bowflex Ellipticals fall into?
A: The price range is between 1500 to 1800 dollars.

Q: What version of Android and iOS do the fitness app support?
A: For iOS 9.0 or above and for Android 5.0 or above is supported.

Q: Does the machine have a fan?
A: Yes, the Elliptical E116 has a fan by default to relax you after a long training session.

Q: Can the machine pedals move in a backward direction?
A: Yes, the pedals can move in front as well as backward direction.

Q: What is the least resistance stage that can be used by beginners?
A: The least resistance level is one and can go up to 25.

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