fitness reality 1000 rower

Fitness Reality 1000 Rower [Dual Transmission & Magnetic]

Rowing is an exercise that targets all different groups of muscles and keeps the body stable along with enhancing the strength manifold. From shoulders to the core, everything comes into the picture when rowing is done. It is an impressive exercise in terms of the benefits it brings for the body. The Fitness Reality 1000 Rower is a machine that would help you to invite those advantages for your physique and you could see them for yourself.

Technical Specifications

Product weight
63.6 pounds
Item Measurements88.5 x 21.5 x 21.5 inches
Folded measurements
39.5 x 21.5 x 53.5 inches
Warranty1 year
Resistance levels
14 (magnetic)
LCD screen3.5 inches
MyCloudFitness App (free)
Weight Capacity
250 lbs
4 AA
Rail measurements
88.5 x 21.5 inches
Rail inseam length
39 inches
ParametersTime, distance, spm, calories burnt, total count, Bluetooth, scan mode
Phone holder
Foot platformsLarge and with straps (non-slip)
Seat measurements
13.5 x 11 inches
Height range (seat)9.5 to 11 inches
Handlebar gripcomfortable (21.5 inch extra wide)
Exercise goal setting3: time, distance, calories burned
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Fitness Reality 1000 Rower Review

fitness reality 1000 rower

Exercise monitoring
There exists an exercise meter which displays time, distance, strokes per meter, calories burnt etc. The LCD screen is 3.5 inches. However, there is no option to calculate the pulse rate. In order to calculate your pulse rate, you would have to use another equipment. The meter uses AA batteries which come with the machine. You have to switch on the scan mode and you will view the parameters within no time. Then you can start rowing and if you do not use it for a few minutes, it will automatically shut down.

Bluetooth Connectivity
The machine offers bluetooth connectivity with the help of which you can synchronize your fitness data with MyCloudFitness app and you can check whether you have reached your goals or not along with the progress every time you step on the machine. The application is free of cost and it is compatible with Android and IOS versions. This will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals with much ease. However, there is one drawback that this Bluetooth connectivity cannot be used to link it with the chest strap transmitters.

The machine is capable of providing a dual transmission which offers magnetic resistance. It offers as many as 14 different stages of resistance. If you want to build up your strength, start from the lowest resistance level and gradually increase the levels as your stamina increases. The highest level of resistance will help you burn more calories but you might not stay committed. So, it’s better to start with lower levels of resistance to stay focused on burning a few calories regularly. The machine requires consistency and not intensity. This provides your body with a complete cardio workout.

Assembling and Maintenance
Assembling the machine is not that difficult. It would just consume your 45 to 60 minutes.The machine comes pre-assembled mostly. All you need to do is connect the rear and front stabilizer. Then connect the seat to the rail. Attach the movable rail to the front and det the foot platforms in the right position. All the instructions are mentioned in the tool box, you need to follow the guidelines one after the other. The good news is that the machine does not require any maintenance as such or even oiling for that matter. You just have to maintain a basic level of cleanliness to keep the elements dust free for better functioning.

Parts of the machine
The machine is fit to work for long hours as the seat is cushioned to provide you comfort for a longer duration. The rail of the machine is movable and then adapts itself to your height.The rail has a little inclination towards the front part. There is absolutely little or no noise so as to help you have a peaceful time with the machine. The foot platforms are large enough to accommodate different sizes of the feet and straps are included for your safety. The entire body of the machine is made of steel and is therefore durable.

The machine is capable of saving you a lot of room as it is foldable unlike the most bulky machines which just irritate you lying in the room. After being folded, its measurements change to 39.5 x 21.5 x 53.5 inches. Further, there are wheels for its mobility. Two wheels are below the slide rail and 4 of them are on the upper side. You can move it and store it as per your convenience.

The machine is made of steel and is certainly durable. You do not have to bother about corrosion as the paint saves it. The machine has a long rail so that even tall people can make use of it. The seat can be locked alongwith the rail and folded. The machine after being completely assembled is not very heavy. The weight comes up to 63 lbs. That means, a single person can move it. The complete frame is adjustable and remains steady while you are exercising on it. The foot platforms are also textured to avoid any slipping.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine offers 14 levels of resistance.
  • The machine frame is durable and remains steady while you are working out.
  • It can withstand a weight up to 250 pounds.
  • The machine is foldable and can be moved to a corner after the use.
  • The machine has wheels for portability.
  • The seat is comfortable as it is cushioned.
  • The foot platform has straps so that your feet remain stable while exercising.
  • The machine provides for a complete body exercise.
  • The rail length is long enough for accommodating tall people as well.
  • You can always keep an eye on time, distance, count, stroke per minute, calories.
  • There comes a phone holder intact with the machine.
  • The machine works silently without any disturbance.
  • The assembly is not very difficult.
  • The rail slides smoothly.
  • There is hardly any maintenance needed.
  • The machine can be connected through Bluetooth and data can be synchronised with applications like MyCloudFitness.
  • The machine helps you acquire a full body workout.
  • The machine does not provide for a pulse reading option.
  • The fitness screen comes without a backlight so it would be a problem in a non luminous room.

Fitness Reality 1000 Rower vs 4000 MR

The 4000 MR Model offers a weight capacity of 200 lbs unlike 250 lbs in the previous machine. It provides you with levels of resistance which were 14 in the earlier model. The LCD screen is also of the size 5 inches and also backlit whereas the previous model had 3.5 inch. You can use the parameters including distance, time, sound, calories burnt, RPS, Watts and levels of tension on the screen.

The 4000 MR model offers as many as 15 exercise programs from which you can practice and learn. The machine is stable and provides footrest which does not slip and avoids any kind of injury. You can meddle with the settings to alter your exercise goals with respect to time, calories burnt and distance. The machine offers a warranty period which is much larger than that of the previous model.

It provides 5 years for the frame, 3 years for the part and 2 years for the lectronics, unlike the previous one which offers justb 1 year of warranty. This machine can be folded and stored in 1 corner after your exercise is over. It allows a person of height in the range of 5’ to 6’5” to workout whereas the other model allowed the height range of 4’9” to 6’6”. This seat is cushioned and provides you enough space for a longer period of time. The handle has rubber to help you row without slipping. The machine is capable of providing exercises for your arms, shoulder, chest and legs. However, the machine’s weight is almost the double of that of the other model. It is heavier for a single person to be moved. The machine provides a silent workout without any disturbance but no doubt the workout is challenging.


With the help of the above features you can decide whether or not this machine is for you. The Fitness Reality 1000 Rower is a well to do machine for a complete body workout. The durability of the machine is beyond question as the material used is steel. There is no chance of corrosion and it offers as many as 14 resistance stages to build up your strength gradually. The machine involves multiple exercises such as rowing, front raises, stand-up rows and bicep curls. It helps you to shape your body and build up your strength step by step along with losing weight.

The machine offers bluetooth connectivity which allows you to share your fitness data with MyCloudFitness application so that you can keep a track of your progress and stay optimistic about your next fitness goal. The machine is able to accomodate a weight of 250 lbs and a person as tall as 6.5 inches with a certainly good configuration for a rowing machine. The only requirement is that you need to stay consistent to the machine intensity is a secondary factor but you have to stay committed. You will notice the results within a span of a few weeks if you are regular at it.

FAQs (Must Read)

Q: What is the maximum height the machine can accommodate?
A: People as tall as 6’6″ can easily workout using this machine.

Q: Is there a protection plan for the Fitness Reality 1000 Rower?
A: You can avail for the 3 year protection plan within the initial 30 days after you purchase the machine.

Q: Is the machine compatible with an iPad?
A: Yes, it is compatible with an iPhone or iPad with the help of bluetooth.

Q: What is the total length of the rowing machine?
A: The total length is 7 1/ 2 feet.

Q: How many people are needed to assemble the machine?
A: It is a one person’s job. It would take less than an hour.

Q: What exercises can one do besides rowing?
A: The exercises are bent over roll, front raises, shrugs, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, curls, upright rolls etc.

Q: What is the size of the seat?
A: The measurement is 13.5 x 11 inches.

Q: What is the material used for the rowing belt?
A: The material is nylon and it is extremely durable and viable to use.

Q: Which lubrication oil is used for the machine?
A: The machine is corrosion free. Hence, no lubricant is required.

Q: Does the machine have a negative impact on the joints?
A: No, the machine is set for a low impact workout but higher and magnificent results.

Q: Are the strokes smooth?
A: The rowing strokes are smooth because of the ball bearing rollers.

Q: Are the batteries included?
A: Yes, 4 AA batteries are included.

Q: Is there a media shelf?
A: Yes, you can place your phone in the smartphone holder.

Q: Which areas of the body does the machine target?
A: It targets biceps, triceps, thighs, legs, forearms, in short the entire body.

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