MaxKare Rowing Machine Reviews

MaxKare Rowing Machine | Magnetic, Air & Water Rower [ALL MODELS]

Fitness companies are going way out of their boundaries to provide for the people interested in maintaining their physique or are concerned about their health. The MaxKare rowing machines are one such classic example. There are different models that would provide different experiences from each other. Sometimes, you would feel rowing is magnetic, sometimes with a surge of air and sometimes real life experience like rowing in water. Take a look and analyse for yourself.

MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

  • Product Weight: 63.8 pounds
  • Resistance stages: 16
  • Weight Capacity: 243 Lbs
  • Parameters: time, count, calories, total count
  • Rail material (sliding): steel
  • Wheels: present (transport)
  • Foldable: yes
  • Accessories: bottle holder
  • Inseam distance: 45 inches
  • Seat: Cushioned

Health benefits
The machine helps your body to gain a better physique but not only that it also provides relief in your spinal cord and you would feel free of shoulder and back pain. The machine would help you protect your knees by causing the least impact. Further, it would help in preventing muscular aches. You would have the best experience for your health as well as body.

Long rails
The machine can help you to row as it offers a comfortable and cushioned seat for longer sessions. Moreover, it helps even the tall persons to exercise because of the long rail. The inseam distance is 45 inches and the rowing machine length is 47 inches. Do not worry even if your height is above 6 feet, the machine would accommodate you comfortably. Further, it offers as many as 16 resistance levels for you to enhance your body intensity.

The handles that you use to row are padded. The foam would help in avoiding your hands to become slippery. The seat is adjustable, oversized and also cushioned so as to make you comfortable while exercising. The footrests are big in size and have straps for safety of the feet. They are made of a non slippery texture so that your feet stay stable while you are rowing and any kind of injury can be avoided. The quality is one thing you can be sure of throughout the training session.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine is strong and the durability is beyond question.
  • The machine can be folded in order to save space.
  • There are wheels for its portability.
  • Fit for tall persons
  • The machine is silent and smooth
  • Tye seat is comfortable as it is cushioned
  • The machine offers 16 levels of resistance for beginner to advanced level
  • There is a bottle holder intact
  • The machine is easy to assemble
  • The footsteps are pivoted so as your feet stays at the right position
  • You can see various parameters on the display
  • The fitness meter does not have any backlight
  • There is no option for pulse reading.

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Review

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Review

  • Weight Capacity: 264 Lbs
  • Parameters: time, count, calories, total count, spm, distance, man machine competition mode
  • Rail material (sliding): steel
  • Wheels: present (transport)
  • Accessories: bottle holder
  • Inseam distance: 44 inches
  • Seat: Cushioned
  • Affordability: under 400 dollars
  • Water level: ⅔ of the container
  • Footplates: adjustable

Real experience
The idea behind using a water rowing machine is to make you experience what a real water stroke feels like. This makes the exercise more exciting. Moreover, it keeps you motivated to row further and enhances your workout level with the weight capacity of 264 lbs. The water in the container should be filled up to ⅔ level of the bowl. Further, you should check if the water level matches your intensity of workout.

Impressive features
The machine has a stabilizer that keeps the machine in level. There are wheels to move the machine and store it at a convenient place after the workout is over. Then, there comes a bottle holder so you have water around you all the time to keep you hydrated. The seat is cushioned and is big enough in size to allow you to have a good experience. The footrests are adjustable, whether you have small or big feet along with durable straps to keep your feet just at the right position.

The machine entertains 4 motions:

  • Catch
  • Drive (start)
  • Drive (end)
  • Finish

Catch: During this motion, your feet provide the force and your hands get hold of the handle. Then your shoulders and arms move and bend, involving your hip muscles and you pull the handle.

Drive (start): During this motion, the major role is played by your leg muscles. You initiate a push so that your upper body is drifted away from the machine. Your hands are still holding the handle and your hips too shift back.

Drive (end): In this position, your legs are extended along with arms in alignment with your chest. Your back is slightly tilted towards the back and elbows are away from the body.

Finish: In this position, your body shifts back to the maximum with your legs extended completely. Your hands pull the handle to the maximum limit your body allows and your hips and back lean towards the back. Your shoulders are in a relaxed position and your hands are near your chest.

Pros & Cons

  • The frame is durable and can withstand a weight of 264 lbs
  • You can store it in a vertical position without emptying the water container.
  • There are intact wheels so there is no problem in moving it.
  • The seat is comfortable and cushioned.
  • There are two modes available for exercise: manual and race
  • There are tools included that result in easy assembling
  • There is hardly any maintenance needed.
  • The chest trap for heart rate is not included.
  • The meter unit is not backlit.

MaxKare Air Rowing Machine Review (Dynamic Air Resistance)

MaxKare Air Rowing Machine Review

  • Weight Capacity: 264 Lbs
  • Parameters: scan, time, count, calories burnt, distance
  • Rail material (sliding): steel
  • Wheels: present (transport)
  • Foldable: yes
  • Accessories: iPad holder
  • Inseam distance: 50 inches
  • Seat Material: Polyurethane
  • Quality: durable
  • Footplates: large and adjustable

Air resistance
The machine requires great effort to row. The reason being that the air resistance is not adjustable. It is meant for intense training. The system is driven by two belts.This certainly makes it different from other rowers. It does not start with the resistance level 1, instead starts with 6. You have to build up strength for the tougher pull that it requires.

The machine’s durability is not ambiguous at all. Even the nylon strap used in rowing assures the quality. The handle, in order to get better grip, is also padded. The seat is large enough to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. The footrests are large and non-slippery to avoid any injury. They are adjustable so as to allow feet of different sizes to step in.

Space optimization
The machine helps in saving a lot of room for other chores in the house unlike big and bulky machines which let you repent after buying them. The pulley involved would assist you in this. After the machine is folded its measurements reduce to 40.5 L x 19.7 W x 42.1 H inches. No one likes a bulky looking object lying right in front of the eyes as soon as you open it, right?

Pros & Cons

  • The machine helps in better strength building
  • The seat is large and comfortable
  • The footrest is adjustable and non-slippery
  • The machine allows you to row using a dual belt system.
  • The machine is foldable and can be kept at a corner.
  • The machine can accommodate a weight up to 264 lbs
  • The screen displays all the parameters including, count, time, distance, calories.
  • The machine is durable and stable.
  • It comes with an iPad holder.
  • The machine might not attract beginners as it is difficult to pull the handle.
  • The air resistance cannot be altered.

MaxKare Air Rowing Machine Review (Air Rower Resistance)

MaxKare Air Rowing Machine

  • Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs
  • Parameters: speed, time, count, calories burnt, total count
  • Rail material (sliding): steel
  • Wheels: present (transport)
  • Inseam distance: 45 inches
  • Seat: soft and comfortable
  • Foldable: yes
  • Assembly: easy
  • Maintenance: Negligible
  • Footrests: adjustable plus strap included

Tension Control
The machine is capable of adjusting the tension as per your requirements. It can alter as per the need of each user using it. You can change it from a beginner to an advanced level. The air resistance changes as the air comes into the machine and leaves the machine. The machine’s purchase price includes the tension belt.

There comes an iPad holder intact with the machine. Using the iPad, you can view videos that help you exercise or watch entertainment shows to keep yourself engaged. There is a display on which you can see all the parameters including speed, distance, time, calories burnt, etc, in real time.

Captivating Features
The machine helps you with your workout by providing comfort and safety. The seat is big and cushioned to make it easy. Then the pedals are sturdy and have straps tied to them to stabilize your feet. There are wheels which help you move the machine easily.


The MaxKare rowing machines are available in these four different types of models for you to choose the best fit for your home gym.

The magnetic rowing machine is committed to give your body a full workout session and helps you to lose weight as well as shape your body. Further, its durability is not ambiguous. The water rowing machine is fit for providing aerobic training. The machine is affordable and uses water resistance to give you a real life experience.

The MaxKare Air Rower (Dynamic Air Resistance) is difficult to pull and offers a much higher resistance which cannot be adjusted. It is meant for intense training sessions. It requires more strength to be acted upon. The MaxKare Air Rower (Air Rower Resistance) machine uses air resistance which can be controlled as per the requirement of the family members.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine can be folded and kept aside.
  • There comes a tablet holder intact with the machine
  • Assembling is not that difficult
  • The machine is fit for people as tall as 6’2”
  • The drive system has a dual belt mechanism so as to provide steadiness
  • Air resistance helps in generating dynamic rowing results
  • The machine does not require very high maintenance.
  • There is no option to calculate the pulse rate.
  • It does not have a stroke per minute reading.
  • The fitness metre does not have a backlight so it is poor for non-luminous room.


Q: Can the magnetic rower accommodate a tall person?
A: Yes, there is enough rail length for a person who is 6’5″

Q: What body parts are necessarily involved in rowing?
A: Your hands, feet, back and hips majorly are involved.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: The company offers a 30 day return policy, in which you can return or exchange the product.

Q: Is the air rower loud?
A: The loudness of the air rower depends on the effort you put in to pull it.

Q: What parts of the body the machine focuses on?
A: The machine focuses on an entire body workout including legs, back, shoulders, hips, abs.

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