nordictrack bike s22i review

Nordictrack commercial S15i & s22i studio cycle Reviews [Updated]

Do you call yourself a fitness freak? Here is something in store for you. Maintain your body tonicity with multiple feature equipment, NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle s22i, within your premises. Yes, you heard it right! You can shape your body, now, without hitting the gym. NordicTrack has been manufacturing exercise bikes, treadmills and body strength enhancing equipment since 1975. It has its headquarters in the US, while Icon Health & Fitness being its parent company.

Nordictrack commercial s15i has a smaller HD screen of size 15 inches unlike Nordictrack commercial s22i which has a bigger screen of 22 inches. This is the main difference. While Nordictrack commercial s22i costs more, around 2000 dollars and Nordictrack commercial s15i costs around 1600 dollars.

nordictrack bike s22i review

Let’s get acquainted with the awe-inspiring features of the bike:

Technical Specifications

Nordictrack bike s22iSpecifications
Screen size22 inches touch screen
Cycle Measurements55 x 21.9 x 54.8
Product Weight204 pounds
Weight rangeup to 350 pounds
Incline-10 to 20 percent
Display Adjustable up to360 degrees rotation
Workout Session value$396
Display QualityHD with LIVE feature enabled
Bike ConsoleHas a stage four fan
ApplicationiFit app requires WiFi connectivity
Seat typeDesigned Cushion Saddle
Digital Resistance level24
AccessoriesTwo 3Lb dumbbells
WarrantyScreen- 10 years, Parts- 2 years, Labor- 1 years
Membership1 year iFit inclusive in bike price
Exchange policy30 days time for replacement or refund

Nordictrack commercial s22i Review

In house:

The most captivating feature is that the cycle is within your premises to make maximum use of it as and when you want. This feature is attractive to the customers who are fatigued about their body appearance and feel too cautious to portray themselves amongst people having a good built in the gym. They can now feel free to work on their body without the fear of being judged. It can actually help them gain confidence. Also, when you come back from a long tiring day at office, you often do not feel like hitting the gym and therefore you start skipping it, now is the time to disregard that thought.


Each body has its own type and needs to be trained in a different way. That is when the classic feature of this studio bike hits in that you have a trainer just when you need one. You don’t have to take a gym membership. Simply turn on the screen and workout. The well-qualified trainers manage your measure your gradient and adjust it accordingly to get the maximum output through your workout. Not just that, they take a note of your speed, body momentum and guide you correspondingly so as to maximize your resourcefulness. Sometimes, it happens that the gym trainer might unable to fathom your body workout requirements; however, this is not the case here.

Diversity in workouts:

Now, you can tone your body in more than one way. All you need to do is buy this one equipment and you a list of advantages in your living room. It is a bike for sure but that Well, here is a list: indoor cycling, bicycle crunch, periodic cycling, yoga, complete body toning, burning calories, thigh workout, on-floor exercises, cardio, strength training, etc. The best part, everything is being tracked.

Rotation: The screen can have a panorama

How amusing the bet is, with one bike you can do more than just cycling. You can perform on floor exercises that too with the elite class of trainers to guide you with the help of a 360 degree rotating display screen. The screen has this fascinating swiveling feature that enables you to get off the bike step onto your fitness mat and gear up with off-bike exercises.

Maintenance and Warranty:

The machine sure has a 30 day bandwidth for you to exchange or avail for a refund, in case the bike doesn’t match your expectations. But wait! What after that? Breathe, there is warranty. The screen, being the most important area of concern has a 10 year warranty period. The other parts of the bike, pedals, dumbbells, handlers, seat, fan on the console have a two year warranty period. In addition to the replacement of the defective part there is one year extra warranty where the company will pay the technician to fix the part so that the customer does not have to bear the extra cost.

Save a lot of time and money: After all, ‘Time is Money!’

Time up! No more cribbing out signing up for gym memberships (yearly, whoosh!) and unable to make use of it. People who are unable to fetch a separate window for their body toning can now do it without any hurdle as the gym is within your reach. It has been brought home for you. You don’t have to commute anywhere in traffic lit roads, instead merely manage to squeeze out 45 minutes or an hour just for the session and that is more than enough. One apparatus, for friends and family can help you to have even joint training sessions or you can have your own sweet time!

Save a lot of power in-turn helping the environment

Taking ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ membership in any of those fancy gyms adds to your standard or status quo. However, now a days, hitting the gym is limited to taking selfies in front of that array treadmills, consuming a lot of power simultaneously. This in turn cuts on the periphery and adds on to the actual need of the body and the main function of the gym that is workout.

Pros & Cons

  • The trainers are experts who constantly monitor your workout and enhance your efficiency.
  • You do not have to subscribe to any gym membership.
  • In house training is convenient for housewives, or even working class.
  • You are not time bound, instead you are free to choose your workout session depending on the flexibility of your work schedule.
  • Does not occupy much space, there is enough room for a yoga mat on the side for ground based warm-up exercises.
  • You do not have to worry about keeping an eye on the calories you are burning or if a particular workout speed is a prerequisite, the machine and instructor can keep a watch on that.
  • If you are obese or have an improper body shape that makes you uncomfortable in the gyms then this the best option to avail.

  • Privacy issues to some as you are being constantly monitored along with your GPS location.
  • Cost can be an issue for beginners
  • It has a 30 day return or refund policy. However, you cannot avail that option after that.
  • If you do not motivate yourself to workout, which is highly essential in concern to today’s lifestyle, it might just be another showpiece in your house. But, an expensive one!

Nordic Track Commercial s22i Studio Cycle vs Peloton

The striking difference that might capture any riders’ attention is the price. The Peloton bike comes with an extra burden on your monthly budget of around 39 dollars in addition to the purchase cost. This monthly subscription can be a bit agitating for any regular user as he or she is trying to avoid the monthly headache of gym subscription. The screen size is 22 inches in s22i Studio Cycle while it is 21.5 inches in Peloton. Implicit applications like in s22i are Google Maps and iFit Coach (no monthly fee for access) whereas Peloton application supports the other bike.

An additional accessory, of two 3lb dumbbells to support cross training or arms workout, is complimentary with the s22i cycle. The Nordic Track cycle comes with an all-inclusive pedal style, however, the Peloton has a choice of Peloton workout footwear for its clasping pedals. Peloton has no fan as a part of it to be assembled unlike Nordic Track which has a big fan. Peloton has already taped sessions that are available for the user at any time of the day while the Nordic track has the competence to trail the actual routes outlined.

The impressive feature of the Nordic Track bike is that you can execute the off-bike exercises in the entire panorama because the screen can follow your body movement 360 degrees, sadly Peloton screen lacks the spinning around an axes feature. On comparing the weight of the bikes, Nordic Track is marginally heavy as compared to Peloton, not much though. Both the bikes have a smooth soundproof mechanism to avoid disturbance. The friction is apt for the body thrust.


The equipment is worth having for anyone, whether you are a gym enthusiast or housekeeper. Certainly, you might often regret purchasing the gym membership and being unable to continue it after a week. It often happens. Well, now is the time to bring gym to your home instead rushing to it. Interactive tutorials on an HD display would assuredly gear up your mornings and you would be all set for the day. It is time to stop pestering yourself over strict diet plans or health charts and trying to mix and match them to meet up the current body requirement. Your workout routine can now easily absorb into your day keeping in mind the hectic schedule.

The cost of S22i Studio Cycle is around 1,999 dollars. However, it is a unisex sports gear for the entire family that way you can save a lot of money. This is not one of those static bikes that bears the stack of your clothes and lays around one least attended corner of your house. So hop on to it and start pedaling frequently. Spare a few minutes each day to tone your body and revamp your health. It is a habit worth having for the delightful experience ahead.

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Q: Is there any criteria for a specific height to opt for the bike?
A: Height is generally not an issue, however, a minimum height of 4’11’ would do.

Q: Is it labourious to assemble the parts of the bike as I am the only one who would be using it?
A: It is not that difficult. Just a couple of hours are enough to fix it and the process is unambiguous.

Q: How is s15i variant from s22i studio cycle?
A: The difference is basically of the screen size, 15 inches and 22 inches respectively. Other than that, the contrast is in resistance stages 22 and 24, respectively.

Q: Can you try out the workout sessions without opting for the iFit membership?
A: Yes, courses are available; some of them are without the instructor. There are frequent training sessions that you can opt for. But the membership has its own perks. Must consider trying!

Q: I bought this bike a year back, it has been months since I have used it. Would it work properly?
A: Yes, it would have been as it was earlier. Just check whether your membership is still active and you can begin your workout stations without a second thought.

Q: Is the bike portable? I need to keep it at my friend’s house.
A: Yes, the bike is mobile. Although, it is not as light as feather.

Q: I live with my grandparents. Would the sound of the bike disturb them while I am working out?
A: Don’t worry, the bike uses SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance). It is to keep in mind that you can have a soundproof training session.

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