Rowing Machine Exercises for Beginners, Seniors, Athletes, Abs & Body Building

You go to the gym daily? Once in a while? What do you prefer for cardio exercise, a treadmill, perhaps? So what If I tell you that you can get many more benefit by using a rowing machine, from cardio to full body workout a rower helps you with that in a very efficient way. Ever seen a rowing machine? It might be one of the equipment that usually sits at the corner and collects dust. But that’s only because people don’t know the benefit it provides you, or in some cases, they just don’t know the proper way to row, and knowing the proper way of rowing is important as if you did something wrong while rowing then like any other you will face some backlash.



First, let me tell you some of the benefits that rowing can provide you, so you don’t have to waste your time in all sorts of different machine for different workouts.
 It helps you with your cardio and lungs, just do a 10 minutes aerobic warmup like jogging and then workout on the rowing machine you will get great results. It also helps you with strengthening and toning your Upper body and if you have a great upper body then it you can wear any kind of dress without hesitation, and according to me, your dress built your personality and confidence.

It helps to improve your posture as well, so you don’t walk around with slump shoulder and thus looks taller as well.
 It also burns your calorie faster, and let me tell you we all want to burn our calories and get in shape as fast as possible. It is an overall great full body workout that works from your calves to get you ripped. Rowing is also very good for your joints as you don’t need to put much pressure to work out, and the resistance can be adjusted as per your requirement and many more!

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How to properly use the rowing machine

  • Now that we all the variety of benefits we get by exercising on a rowing machine from cardio to full body workout to tone the muscle, we have to see how to properly do an exercise to escape the injuries we might while rowing incorrectly.
  • Casually sitting on the seat first and properly lock your feet on the footrest with the straps that are usually attached to the machine. Make sure your legs are not bent on an awkward angle, and toy are comfortable.
  • Then Get in the starting position called the Catch, you need to make sure that your body is near the handle and your knees are properly bend while your back is straight. Then Extend your arms and grab the handles with both hands, make sure your grip is tight.
  • Use your muscle leg and push back, make sure not to use any other part of your body, just the legs and make sure your back and legs both are straight roughly making a 45-degree angle.
  • Extend your arms straight with the handle in your hands and use your torso muscle to go forward and you will be back in starting position.
  • As you repeat the process, you will be able to feel more resistance, and it will work up your arm muscle.

Tip: Never use high resistance from the very beginning, it will strain your muscle, and if you are a beginner then you should start with less resistance and never hurry to use higher resistance, it will take time to gain stamina and proper technique down.
Now that we have everything down, we have listed down some exercise for the seniors:-

Warm up Row

  • Warming up is important no matter what physical activity engage in, warming up is essential. No matter if its sports or dancing or any other activity, and it is very important to warm up before you work out. And we have our first exercise for you, warm up a row;
  • Make full slide at very low resistance for 2-4 minutes.
  • Break down the elements of stroke for 30 seconds each, slow it down to ¾ of the slide then slowly just move the arms.
  • When you think you are ready, then start sliding the full length of the slide and increase the resistance.
  • Note: Do not use the rower more than 10-15 minutes if you are a beginner. And you can also use another warm-up exercise like jogging, squats, etc. as mentioned above.

Pyramid power Workout

  • In this exercise, you get to build up endurance and consistency with your rowing, try to keep it in the same resistance as you work out. The stroke rate for this work out should be 26-32.
  • First, you need to row for a minute then rest for a minute.
  • Then increase it by one minute of both rowing time and resting time.
  • When you reached 5 minutes rowing and resting, then you need to start doing the row in decreasing order until you reach 1-minute rowing and resting time.
  • If you think rowing for some minute and resting for the same amount of minute is going to be easy when you are in for a surprise.

Row 1 minute on, and 1 minute off

  • The name only said much about itself, the stroke rate of this one also should be 18 -26, let’s see how to do it:-
    Row for one whole minute with as much power and force as you can then slow down and use light strokes for another minute, that is your one reap.
  • Make sure to do it for five times means five reaps along with increasing the stroke rate by 2.
  • You need to do three sets of this exercise to get a good output of the exercise.

Row 10 minutes

  • In this workout, you get to rest plenty, but that doesn’t mean it gets easy at all, the stroke rate will change for each set.
  • You need to grow as fast and hard as you can for 3 minutes with 20 strokes; the strokes are lower because with this you can focus on technique rather than just working out.
  • Then you will take rest for 3 minutes.
  • Then You will row again for 4 minutes with 22 strokes and rest for the other 3 minutes.
  • Then again row for 3 minutes with a stroke rate of 24.
  • It will help with your posture at the catch and build up stamina as well.

Power’s 20

  • In this workout, you need to try to hold as low split as possible with each stroke.
  • Row powerfully with 20 strokes with as much force as you can.
  • Then Take ten strokes with light hands, that is one rep.
  • The rates for these should be 20-24 strokes per minute.
  • Use light strokes to correct your posture and technique.
  • You should do eight reps of this exercise.
  • You can take a 5-minute break before between the sets.
  • You should do two sets of this to make sure that you get the full output of this workout.

best rowing machine 2020

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Now you know how many benefits you can get while working out on a rower, While it is not easy to work out in this, actually working out is not an easy process at all, but a rower gives you many benefits that a simple treadmill won’t be able to. Rower is for everyone to work out, if you have a joint problem then rower is best suitable for you, best for cardio and overall workout, so why do we need to go around and look for other things when we get all this exercise in one rower, you can easily find a rower in your nearest gym or if you don’t want to go to the gym daily then there are many companies that made indoor rower with Affordable price, so you can start doing all the workout mentioned above as early as possible.

best rowing machine 2020

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