Schwinn elliptical Review

Schwinn 411 vs 430 vs 470 vs A40 Elliptical Review [Must Read]

The Schwinn company offers ellipticals at an affordable price so that each household can own their fitness equipment. These Schwinn ellipticals save you a lot more space than a regular elliptical does. The ellipticals offer pre-installed exercise programs and multiple resistance levels to train your body, gradually improve your strength and take you closer to your fitness goals every time you hop on the machine.

Schwinn 411 Review

Schwinn 411 Review

  • Product weight: 120 pounds
  • Item Measurements: 70.1 x 28.1 x 63.1 Inches
  • Exercise Programs: 13
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: Explore the World App
  • Stride distance: 18 inches
  • Heart rate calculator: Contact and Telemetry activated
  • Screen: 5.5 inch High Contrast LCD display
  • Resistance stages: 16
  • Media shelf: available
  • Affordability: around 500 dollars
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Voltage requirement: 110- 120 V

You can travel to 9 destinations and en route 27 paths with the help of RunSocial application that too from your house boundaries. You can keep monitoring the distance and speed. You can mark your own paths with the help of Explore the World App and get ready to explore new locations.

Additional features
The machine has a display to show parameters like speed, time, distance, calories burnt etc. Then your heart rate can be monitored with a wireless technology and the handlebars are msdd to suit the comfort of your hands. There is a media shelf and a bottle holder included. It works on a silent mechanism. It provides you comfort along with workout. The machine stays stable and easy to use.

Size and benefits
The equipment is smaller in size and therefore saves you a lot of room. The machine cannot be folded. Moreover, the cardio exercises do not cause an impact on your knees, back and joints. You can carry out 13 exercise programs on different routes on the globe. The pedals offer a stride length of 18 inches but are comfortable and cushiony.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine is designed in such a manner that it fits in a small space.
  • You can share your workout data with fitness applications like RunSocial
  • The handlebars can be made to move or stay as it is.
  • The machine comes with a pre-installed accessory shelf.
  • To measure your heart rate there are EKG sensors in the grip
  • The stride length is 18 inches which is smaller compared to other models.
  • The console does not have a backlight to be read in the dark
  • There is no inclination possible.

Schwinn 430 Review

Schwinn 430 Review

  • Product weight: 183 pounds
  • Item Measurements: 70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 Inches
  • Exercise Programs: 22
  • Stride distance: 20 inches
  • Heart rate calculator: Contact
  • Screen: 2 Dual track LCD display
  • Resistance stages: 20
  • Media shelf: available
  • Speakers: available
  • Bottle holder: intact
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Performance monitoring: Goal Track
  • Inclination: 9 degrees
  • Multi User: 2 profiles

The machine is available under 900 dollars, however, it is capable of doing what a high priced elliptical does. The warranty period lasts for 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the parts, electronics have it for 1 year and 3 months as labor warranty. The machine does not have a longer life but works well till the time it does.

Exercise Programs
The machine offers a variety of 22 in-built programs. They include:

  • Quick Manual Start
  • 2 user modified sessions
  • 2 tests for fitness (amateur to expert level)
  • 9 programs (profile-based)
  • 8 programs concerning heart beats per minute

The chest strap is not included with the machine but there are sensors on the handle grips to take a count of your pulse.

Impressive Features
The handle bars are slightly tilted to adjust your hands properly. There are 22 workout training programs included with the equipment by default and with 20 resistance levels to improve your strength. The fan can be moved in three speeds and the inclination can be altered to 9 degrees. There is a media shelf and a USB port to charge your phone or use it while exercising.

Pros & Cons

  • It offers two profiles to operate the machine
  • The machine comes with transport wheels to be moved.
  • The cooling fan can be used at various speeds.
  • There is an MP3 player for your music
  • It comes with an accessory shelf and USB port
  • The mechanism is silent to avoid disturbance
  • It offers 20 levels of resistance
  • There are 22 workout programs by default
  • The machine cannot be folded if you wish to optimise space
  • The machine does not have a very long life span
  • The rollers are made of a plastic material
  • The inclination is not automatic.
  • There are no wireless chest straps to calculate heart rate
  • The labor warranty does not last beyond 3 months

Schwinn 470 Review

Schwinn 470 Review

  • Product weight: 189.2 pounds
  • Item Measurements: 52 x 22 x 34.5 Inches
  • Exercise Programs: 29
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: Explore the World App
  • Stride distance: 20 inches (precised)
  • Heart rate calculator: Contact and Telemetry activated
  • Screen: 2 Dual blue display (Backlit)
  • Resistance stages: 25
  • Media shelf: available
  • Speakers: available
  • Bottle holder: intact
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Inclination: 10 degrees
  • Multi User: 4 profiles

The Elliptical can be bought under 1000 dollars compared to other home ellipticals which are priced much higher at around 1500 or 2000 dollars. Then it has a warranty of 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the parts, 1 year for the electronics involved and 3 months as labor warranty. The machine would not meddle much with your budget and then there is warranty to back your investment.

Exercise Programs
The machine offers a collection of 29 workout sessions which are in-built. They include:

  • Quick Manual Start
  • 4 user modified sessions
  • 3 tests for fitness (amateur to expert level)
  • 12 programs (profile-based)
  • 9 programs concerning heart beats per minute

You can synchronise your performance data with the RunSocial App and exercise on the real life locations and that too with the help of experts guiding you through the paths.

Additional features
The Elliptical has a stride length of 20 inches, you can manage the resistance level with the help of magnetic and digital options. You can decide at which inclination you would  like to pedal. The inclination can be maximized to 10 percent. There are contact sensors in the handle bars to take a reading of your heart beats. It comes with a media shelf to keep your accessories, phone, charger etc. There is a USB port too. The machine works with the help of an adaptor plugged in.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine is user friendly
  • It offers 25 resistance levels
  • The stride length is 20 inches
  • You can use power inclination up to 10 percent
  • The machine is a multi user machine, supports four users
  • There are 29 exercise programs by default.
  • You can share your fitness data through Bluetooth.
  • You can sync your data with RunSocial application.
  • There is a media shelf to keep your accessories.
  • It comes with a cooling fan operable at multiple speeds
  • There is a water bottle holder intact with the machine
  • The Labor warranty does not last long
  • There is no wireless method to calculate your heart beats per minute.
  • Pedals cannot be altered to an angle
  • You need to take care of the parts, pedals, handlebars, etc
  • It cannot be folded to save space.

Schwinn A40 Review

Schwinn A 40 Review

  • Product weight: 104.9 pounds
  • Item Measurements: 59 x 23 x 64 inches
  • Exercise Programs: 7
  • Stride distance: 17.5 inches
  • Heart rate calculator: Contact
  • Screen: LCD display
  • Resistance stages: 8
  • Media shelf: available
  • Speakers: available
  • Multi User: 6 profiles
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Warranty: frame- 3 years, mechanical- 1 year, electronics- 1 year, labor- 2 months
  • Voltage requirement: 110 to 120V

Workout programs
The machine offers 7 exercise programs that are included with the purchase price. The programs are however not compatible with iFit Live. The programs include:

  • Quick Start
  • Profile programs (6)

You can visualise the parameters while working out including speed, distance, time, rpm, calories burnt, etc. The machine operates on battery.

The machine is  fit for as many as 6 users which is not offered by any other model. The machine is not very heavy and therefore can be easily moved. The machine can be bought at a low price. There are pulse grips to measure your heart beats every minute. The resistance of the machine uses eddy current brake system. The machine is easy to assemble and use.

The accessories that tag along with the machine are a cooling fan, adjustable at two speeds, a water bottle holder and a rack to keep your extras. The flywheel is weighted such that it offers a silent workout session without disturbing your peers. The machine can be operated at a high speed but still give you a smooth experience.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine helps you to work on your upper as well as lower body.
  • The machine is designed in a way to fit to small spaces.
  • The LCD screen is multi-functional
  • There is a cooling fan present to keep you relaxed
  • The stride distance is of 17 inches
  • The in-built pulse grips help you to track the heart beats per minute
  • It offers 6 user profiles
  • The controls are not very quick
  • The machine does not has speakers
  • It cannot be folded and kept to one side
  • The warranty period is not very long.
  • The in-built workout sessions are less in number compared to that of other models.
  • Electronic accessories are less too, just an MP3 port and speakers


You can check the suitable features and decide the best elliptical for you. Schwinn 411 model is less expensive but is more durable compared to other models. Though, it offers fewer resistance levels and exercise programs. Schwinn 430 model offers more resistance levels than 411 model but less than 470 model. It is affordable but the parts might break after intense sessions, so be a little cautious.

Schwinn 470 model offers more resistance levels to operate at and is not very expensive to afford, however, the machine’s durability is questionable. On the other hand, Schwinn A 40 offers more profiles than any other elliptical model mentioned. However, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity and any applications to monitor your performance. Also, it offers the least number of exercise programs and resistance levels.


Q: If the A40 model beeps continuously, what does that mean?
A: It implies that your machine is low on battery.

Q: What is the minimum basement height for keeping the A40 elliptical?
A: Add minimum 17 Inches to your height.

Q: Where should one buy these ellipticals?
You can buy them from Amazon or the official website of Bowflex.

Q: Are these ellipticals fit for obese people?
A: Yes, they can withstand weight from 275 to 300 lbs.

Q: What is the distance between the feet when one stands on the pedals of the 411 model?
A: The distance between your feet would be 6 inches.

Q: On pedaling backwards, is there any resistance?
A: Yes, the flywheel does go in a backward direction with resistance.

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