Everything you should know about a treadmill

Running or jogging is an important aspect of our lives but is constantly ignored for keeping other activities in the foreground. However, by the end of this article one would be well-versed with the importance of working out by using a treadmill and how essential it is to include in your exercise routines.

Benefits of a treadmill

You can run on a treadmill at anytime of the day, you don’t have to worry about the atmospheric conditions outside. Moreover, the treadmill will force you to run at a constant speed, whether you wish to or not. Unlike outside, where you start running slow only after a minutes, thinking that your body has already burnt enough calories. Treadmill helps in preventing bruises as it lays a cushioned ground unlike the rough terrain outside which can tear of ligaments. If you are not lucky enough to have your house on the hills, you can modify your jogging by setting an incline or decline.

If you have used a treadmill before or seen anyone using it, it might occur to you that running for a good number of kilometers on a treadmill is doable than that on road, to keep a track of distance and speed which becomes a task. Well, treadmills are smarter they also keep a count of your heart beats per minute. So, you can keep a check on whether you are perspiring or you should take a break continue later. It breaks the monotony and keeps you engaged in something good and eventually keeps you healthier. Exercise is necessary, after all.

Different treadmill brands

If you love keeping fit and are looking for purchasing a treadmill for your home, office etc, here are various brands that you can look up to:

HealthifyMe- is a digital platform which is concerned with one of the most important concern now-a-days of being overweight. It provides an application that monitors your health, including the intake of your calories, the amount of water you consume daily or the physical exercises involved.

NordicTrack- The company has been into manufacturing of fitness machines like treadmills, workout bikes, and other training equipments since 1975. It has its headquarters in the US while Icon Health & Fitness is its parent company.

Ancheer- These treadmills are manufactured in the US and are then shipped to various countries. This company has been into fitness products for a long time now. It assures on the quality of products being delivered and assists its customers by providing free customer service for any problems.

GoPlus Corp- offers a variety of products ranging from walker to bikes to treadmills. It operates from the US.

Different types of treadmills

Manual treadmill: As the name suggests the treadmill depends on how much you put in manually. It provides you with belt and wheels that rotate on the basis of your leg movement. The more friction you put in there would be more effort for you to turn the disks. They help you in burning calories, however, it is solely based on your work.

Motorized treadmill: This is the most common type of treadmill that we keep at our homes or we often see at gyms. These treadmills have controls on them, for you to adjust according to your needs and requirement. In these treadmills you can control speed, inclination, distance, etc.

Folding treadmill: These treadmills are generally used by people who want to work out at their homes but do not want a bulky equipment lying around the corner of their rooms. Therefore, they keep these treadmills as there are foldable and fit into a smaller space. The handles are usually foldable and you can store them under the desk or bed when not in use.

Commercial treadmill: These treadmills are usually used by professional trainers and fitness experts. They can stand firm for several hours and are usually bought by paying heavy duty.

How to use a treadmill

Here are some tips that you should be aware of before you actually use a treadmill:

  • First and for all make sure that the treadmill is place on a flat level and it is balanced by all means else you might trip off and it could cause an injury.
  • Next you got to do is plug in the main switch to a power socket nearby.
  • You, then have to press the ‘START’ button to start the functioning of the treadmill.
  • While you press the ‘START’ button make sure that you rest your feet on the side rails, to prevent you from falling off.
  • Later, when the treadmill paces up, you step up on the surface and start walking.
  • Every button is within your reach but you have to make certain that you are well versed with the use of each beforehand.
  • There is a button for ‘SPEED’ to enhance or decrease your pace.
  • ‘DISTANCE’ to fix how many kilometers you would be going to walk.
  • ‘INCLINE’ to give you the feel of a slope.
  • ‘STOP’ to stop the workout when you are done or in case of an emergency.

Pros & Cons

  • Treadmill motivates you to run even if you are obese and too shy to run outside.
  • You might enroll for the gym but never hit it, what is the use? At least having a treadmill in your own premises will constantly remind you of working out.
  • You can customize your running, warm-up, walking, inclination. Every button is within your reach.
  • You can save money by buying one treadmill for friends and family and every one could make use of it.
  • You can always track your fitness level that you have reached. Perhaps, you can spend the same time and burn more calories than on a ground.
  • It is naturally heavy on your budget. If you do not make use of it frequently (preferably each day) than every ounce spent feels like a waste.
  • You have to make sure that you have enough room to place this bulky equipment in your house.
  • Some treadmills do not come with sound proof mechanism so it can disturb your peers or family in their daily chores.
  • There is not much variety of workouts possible with a treadmill. You could walk, run or jog.
  • It is a high maintenance machine.

Top three treadmills to buy in 2020

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

If you are looking out for working out at home then this can be one of the best bets. The treadmill comes with an interactive training sessions. The trainers are well versed with a variety of exercises and are there to teach you at your home. You don’t have to crib about buying gym membership every month, now just buy the NordicTrack T series treadmill and you are automatically enrolled for the gym. There is a 10 inch monitor attached to the treadmill, where your instructor guides you from warm up to cool down. He or she is there to keep any eye on your form. Therefore, you do not have to burden it over your head that whether you are doing it right or not. They figure out the best routines for you that are suitable for your body type. Along with the sessions you get an all-inclusive iFit membership for one year in which you have special sessions by the coaches. Along with that there is an motorized 12 incline or decline up to 12 degrees, which is again controlled by the coach.

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmills

These are foldable treadmills for homes and working places. It does two things for you. When the hand rest is up, it can be used for running at a speed ranging from 1 to 12 kilometer per hour whereas when the handle is down it can be used for jogging at a minimal speed of 1 to 4 kilometer per hour. It is remote controlled and has Bluetooth feature to play into your favourite tunes while working out. There is a separate column for keeping your phone, so you can remain connected to friends and family even while exercising or you can watch other trainers working out on the treadmill and get inspired for them. You can keep a track of your distance, time, speed and calories through an LED display. It comes with a sound proof mechanism so that your friends and family can continue doing their activities while you can have your own sweet time while working out. The belt has enough friction to keep you from slipping or falling and causing any injury. You can easily place it under the desk in your office or under the dining table at your home without worrying about making enough room for a huge object. 

ANCHEER Treadmill

The treadmill is leading in the sense it keeps a track of your heart beats per minute. You can easily set it up after purchasing it. It provides you with an emergency switch to switch off the treadmill in case there is some mishap. You can follow the screen and take a note of your heart rate, speed, inclination, distance and the calories you are burning on regular basis. You do not have to bother yourself for making space for the machine. You can easily fold it and keep it away when not in use, which leaves enough space for your chores. The machine has a noise reduction mechanism so you do not hamper any other person’s routine. Also, it is a good option as you can avail a totally free customer service valid up to one year in case your face any problem. You can use it home or even at office.


We all are concerned about how we look and how we present ourselves in front of the crowd. However, we least give a thought on how our body language and shape gives us that confidence in the crowd. We are all foodies, constantly eating junk food, not even on weekly basis rather daily. All of us are invested into making fancy diet plans and running our life around cheat days. What we least bother is including exercise, running, warming-up, cardio in our everyday routine. Later, we do complain about getting obese and making fake promises to ourselves for working out and then postponing it to tomorrow. And as we all know ‘Tomorrow never comes!’ 

It is high time that we gear up yourself; a little motivation would do, to start with walking, jogging and eventually running on a treadmill. You would yourself be surprised to notice the amazing results it brings to your body. Now, it is up to you to make a choice, whether you are going to invest in your health, a little daily, or will that equipment will lie in one corner of your living room with dust piling on it.

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