LifePro Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine

Best Speed on Vibration Machines for weight Loss [Updated 2020]

Obesity is generally an everyday reality in the urban culture. People are so engaged in their work lives that they start stress eating, which is certainly tilting your health graph in the negative direction. If you can’t make out time for rushing to the gym, running, jogging, etc, still there is a way out for you. Losing weight is not an impractical idea. It can be done using some vibration machines that are here for you fortunately.

1 – LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Review

It is an in-house machine that comes with ninety-nine different speed operations to curb weight and enhance your productivity. It can be controlled with a remote and comes along with online recorded sessions and an e-book, which is free of cost. The equipment helps you to tone your upper as well as lower body with a full body vibration exercise. The equipment comes along with two loop bands on each side for toning your arms too.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to store as there are wheels intact to the machine for you to easily move it with a handle and place at an apt place.
  • There is a screen on the vibrating board so that you can see the speed and the time for which you have been working at.
  • It not just focuses on your body physique but also enhances your internal digestion power.
  • It might be a little expensive to some.
  • People with knee surgeries should not use these as it might hamper their body.
  • This is not suitable for older people as they might not be able to withstand the motion.

2 – Confidence Power Plus Vibration Machine

Confidence Power Plus Vibration Machine

If you have never been to a gym before, don’t worry. This machine will make you comfortable as the screen is user-friendly so that you can check your speed as well as heart beats per minute. You just require a minimum of 10 minutes for the workout from your busy day. Also, you can meddle with the speed according to your convenience. It provides you with fifty options.

Pros & Cons

  • If working for long hours in office has made your body stiff then this machine would help your body to gain elasticity.
  • It improves your muscles by making them tensile.
  • Many people are troubled by the lumpy fat collects in their thigh or hip region, this machine helps to reduce that.
  • If you have a problem in the joints then it is suggested that you should consult a doctor before opting for this machine.
  • People having cardiac issues might invite a risk if they use this equipment without proper guidance.
  • The machine is a bit costly.

3 – Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform review

When we start working out, we crave for quick results. Bluefin Fitness machine is focused to kill fat in those areas of your body which are preventing you from having a good shape and that too since years. If those calories are burnt then the rest of the body would not take that much effort to achieve a prime fitness level. The add-ons include bands for arm workout, a book of instructions in five different languages and a placard of different workout postures.

Pros & Cons

  • There is a warranty for the motor of the machine that lasts not one or two years but forever.
  • In order to make your workout interesting the company has invested into making in-built speakers.
  • While you are exercising, you would not be disturbing anybody as the motor is build using a silent mechanism.
  • It comes with a bottle holder attached on the side.
  • Since it works on a high frequency, perhaps, it might not be suitable for people having physical issues.
  • Cost might be a concern for some.

4 – LifePro Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine

LifePro Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine

This machine helps you rejuvenate the cells of your body. It is focused in the remedial direction. It improves the amount of oxygen going into your muscles and increases the distribution of red blood cells in the body. You might notice giving up many medications that you have been taking for joint pains. It addresses the root cause of your medical condition and eradicates it then and there. It works on your body tissues to enhance their flexibility. This equipment involves science as well as mechanics for a better output.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with a warranty that never gets over.
  • After working out, you would not feel exhausted and craving to jump on the sofa.
  • You get real time guidance from the trainers that too free of cost and access to their pre-recorded sessions.
  • It does not come assembled, that you have to do on your own else you might be charged extra.

5 – Standing Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

Standing Vibration Platform Exercise Machine review

The machines is made for everyone, be it a youngster or a middle-aged person. It is highly equipped in training your body for outdoor activities, killing fat and developing abs (of which people are crazy about these days). Standing Vibration Machine aims at the areas where fat has been collected since a long period of time and improve your appearance as there are many people highly conscious about it and are unable to dress in their favorite attire.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine can be stored with almost no difficulty.
  • The machine has a small LCD screen for you to check your fitness level each time you stand on it.
  • You can set the time and velocity as per your liking.
  • The surface area of the platform is a little small, so you might not be able to sit cross legged on it for a few exercises.
  • The arm rest present might not be comfortable for many as it does not encircle your lower body to protect you from tripping.

6 – Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

The equipment focuses on enhancing your arm strength with the help of two bands. You can also use them for cross training. Within a few weeks you would notice an enhanced rate of weight loss as it speedily burns calories. It increases the count of red blood cells in the body. There are various add-ons to the machine. It comes along with a remote control, Bluetooth speakers and a port for USB.

Pros & Cons

  • It can withstand a weight of around 441 lbs while other machines can generally take up to 300 lbs.
  • The machine is not very heavy, you can easily move it.
  • It is good for your brain cells as well as your bones.
  • There are no holders on the side for your hands so as to balance your body. You have to stand steady else you might trip over.
  • The accessory, remote control comes without a battery.

7 – XtremepowerUS  2000W Slim Full Body Vibration Machine

XtremepowerUS  2000W Slim Full Body Vibration Machine

The machine keeps a check on your Body Mass Index (BMI), your pulse rate, of course speed and time of your progress with a customer-friendly display. The mechanism with which it is built is a silent one, for you to have a peaceful time. It is an option for you, if you want to use the resistance bands for arms training at the same time or not. They are separable. It not only burns your calories but also keeps you relaxed. The machine also enhances your muscle power and body elasticity.

Pros & Cons

  • You do not have to be afraid of toppling over as the foot board is made of non-skid ABS.
  • You can move it at one corner after working out as it has wheels and is therefore easily portable.
  • There is an attached audio player for you to listen to music simultaneously.
  • The machine is dependable.
  • The machine is present in merely limited colors.
  • It cannot withstand a weight more than 330 lbs.

8 – Slimming Boby Machine

Slimming Boby Machine review

The machine is made for people who are unable to find time for dieting or exercising. There is no medication required for burning fat. Well, you do not need any of these to lose weight. It can be used for any body part including stomach, behind, hands, legs, etc. Just keep in mind, one body part at a time. There is a USB port connectivity for the machine. It works on different capacities for different body part’s fat reduction.

Pros & Cons

  • The entire system works with one button, so it is simple and easy to use.
  • The mechanism is highly silent so there is least chance of disturbance.
  • There is big screen for you to see the details set.
  • It can be used on one body part at a time and not a full body vibration which is indeed more helpful.
  • It is suggested that you should not use the machine to curb your facial fat.
  • You need to charge it before using.

9 – IDEER 3D Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

IDEER 3D Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

It is often seen that women are troubled by the fat collected in their body after child birth which does not go off that easily. This machine can help you get rid of it and you can return to the earlier shape. There are three dimensional vibrations possible with the help of this machine. You can exercise while watching your favorite cookery show on TV or even during free hours at office. It would not disturb your daily routine.

Pros & Cons

  • Just buy one machine and you do not have to avail an option for gym membership. That way you save a lot of time and money.
  • It works on two motors that way it gives you more speed by consuming more power.
  • Helps your digestive system and metabolic rate.
  • There are no handles which can act as supporters while you are exercising.
  • The machine can only be used if there is a gap of at least 180 minutes after your diet.
  • It is highly recommended not to place your knees on the board as it might lead to an injury.
  • If your head feels shaky after a few minutes, kindly step down and start again after a while.

10 – Vibration Platform Machines by Fengyu

Vibration Platform Machines by Fengyu

With this machine you can preset the timer for which you want to work out. The company assures that jogging for an hour equates with just 10 minutes of standing on the machine. You would be burning an almost equivalent amount of calories. The surface of the board is skid-proof, relax you won’t fall off. The machine works on high frequency. It activates all your body parts at once, including blood cells, knee joints, body tissues and even bones for that matter. It gives you ninety nine levels to set your speed at which you want to burn your body fat.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine comes with a Bluetooth connectivity feature.
  • It does not have a bad implication on your joints. It is safe for use.
  • It does not produce irritating sounds while working out.
  • All your family members can use it, while watching TV or listening to music.
  • It is suggested that you should avoid any excess of voltage while work out. It should be between 220 to 240 voltz.
  • The surface is stable but there are no handles to support you while exercising.

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