Xiser Commercial Portable Mini Review

Xiser Commercial Portable Mini Stairmaster Black Review

If you find fitness goals alluring, why don’t you set one for yourself this time? Do not sweat, even if you don’t feel like going to the gym bring your mini staircase master at home and climb on. It is buy once in a lifetime kind of machine that you would love to have. Xiser Industries is a decades old company that involves in setting of fitness agendas for individuals conscious about their health and physique.

Let’s peep into the specifications that will help to delve further:

Technical Specifications

Xiser CommercialSpecifications
Withstand weight up to400 pounds
Item Measurements (folded)21 L x 13 W x 3.5 H inches
Resistance alteration16 levels
Product weight14 pounds
US manufacturing100 percent
WorkoutsAerobic & Sprint HIT Training
PortabilityEasy to carry & Compact Size
StorageConvenient (Hang on the wall, or put under your desk)
Build QualityDurable
Build MaterialCast Alloy (Aircraft)
AffordabilityUnder $500
Warranty5 years (Consumer Warranty) & 1 Year (Institutional Warranty)
MaintenanceLow Maintenance Workout Machine
Pedals & FrameAluminium Alloy
CoatingPowder and Black Baked
Resistance SystemInteractive
Materials usedRecyclable
Official WebsiteXiser
Online ReviewsRead Here

Xiser Commercial Portable Mini Review

Xiser Commercial Portable Mini Review

Easy to store

People are often frustrated after buying any fitness equipment not because it does not work but because they are ambiguous about where to store it after they have worked out. However, that is certainly not the case here. The machine because of its light weight can be stored easily and that too anywhere. You can place it under or above the desk, you can sway it like a pendulum from the wall. You can keep it inclined against a support or anything.

Travel Partner: Bring it along

The machine can tag along wherever you go. It is not meant to be stuck in home. Even if you are travelling to another city or country you can take it in whichever means of transport you opt for. Further, if you are a regular in a park for jogging you can carry it there too. Pick one spot and start working out. You can carry or rather keep it in your office space and use it to build your health in case you have any free hours.

Warranty and Maintenance

The machine makes use of alloy for the build and comes along with hydraulic cylinders which individually cost around 220 dollars. Every part of the machine is build keeping durability factor in mind. The machine does not require any kind of maintenance from time to time, so it is just a one-time investment for a healthier you. The consumer warranty period is five years while the institutional warranty period is one year. Even if you are thinking that it is costing a little more then too it is okay as there is a warranty cover to back the cost involved.

Benefits it brings to your health

Once you start working out, you have to deal with immense joint agonies. Luckily, this machine is well-equipped to avoid any painful contractions in the joints. The machine is highly recommended to give a push to your leg ligaments. Keeping you wellness in mind if you use this machine, your heart will remain healthy pumping enough blood for the other parts of your body to go on. If you are consistent instead of aggressive the body will be burning more calories and further enhance your appearance. You can achieve what you want to from this equipment just by staying committed to it.

Within your reach

The equipment is in your house and not far away from you. You can use it instantly at the time the thought hits your mind. You save a lot of time and money. You do not have to enroll in any gym and then get ready to show up at the gym in the first place and after a few days crib about skipping it too often after paying a hefty amount. You do not have to commute to any other place to keep yourself fit. Instead that time can itself be utilized in exercising. All you have to do is slide a few minutes into your schedule and it will be absorbed before you know it.


The machine is common for men and women to use. Even youngsters can easily use it and start working towards fitness at a young age. You do not have to invest on multiple machines for each family member. That way you can save a lot of money. Also, it is great for housewives and mothers who have small babies at home and cannot leave them and hit the gym. Wait for your turn and then hop on to it. Keep in mind a few minutes every day.

Frequency of workout will help you:

The machine is capable of High Intensity Training (HIT). The focus is on the core. The training helps in improving your digestion and in turn your metabolic rate. You would notice within a few weeks a better sleep cycle. People having high blood pressure will notice a change in their behavior. Stress levels are reduced by usage of the equipment. Your mind and body will work as a team and you would notice more productivity in your work and other chores. You can also use dumbbells for developing arms resistance.

Pros & Cons

  • It gives you a variety of exercising positions to work out.
  • The weight it can withstand is 400 lbs which is so much better than other steppers which is around 250 to 300 lbs.
  • You can store it anywhere inside your house without it being noticed. It is portable and not heavy to move.
  • The machine is highly durable because of its configuration. It is made of alloys.
  • The machine makes you comfortable even while exercising.
  • The cost might concern you but if you observe carefully it will cost you less than that of gym memberships.
  • Moreover, there is no added cost. Once you buy it that’s it. There is not maintenance required every six months or so.
  • It is completely safe even for youngsters to use it.
  • It does not involve any electricity so saves a lot of power.
  • The machine helps in improving your body posture.
  • It is certainly costly, so people who are concerned about their budget might not be able to afford it.

How to use the equipment?

  • Place the machine on a stable platform. Keep the pedals at the same level. Climb on it and keep your entire feet on it. Gradually, just rely on the front of the feet. Stay stable and firm so as to avoid tripping over.
  • Once you become comfortable with it, next posture you would adapt to is a squat position. Keep in mind that your upper body should be straight and your entire weight should be on the lower body and in turn thrusting the pedals. This would help enhancing your capacity.
  • Stay in this position keeping your head and back tight. Do not start shivering or trembling that would disturb the entire balance of your body.
  • Use one leg at a time. One pushing down and the other should be used to counter. This will help in building endurance power of the body.

Alternatives to Xiser Commercial

  • Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper: It is a small and light weight mini stepper. It can be carried easily with you. The weight it can endure is although a little less, about 250 lbs unlike the Xiser Commercial. They durability is not questionable. It works on a silent mechanism as well.
  • Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper: It is smaller in size and even less on budget. It would not cost you as much as the Xiser Commercial. Therefore, it would easily fall in your budget. The good thing is that you can alter the height according to your suitability.
  • GoPlus Mini Stepper Air Climber: The machine would not disturb your budget. It has a good endurance power. It comes with resistance bands. However, the problem is that it needs an oiling before you would wish to climb on it. That might frustrate some people.

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Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is an easy to use equipment. It is a compact design and perfect for in house training. As we have seen above that it not only helps in your outer body but also helps in building your inner strength and boosting your endurance power. The machine is equipped enough to make you achieve the desirable results. The only catch being that you have to be committed to it. If you do not use it on frequent basis then it might not live up to your expectations.

More power is not a prerequisite for the training session, indeed but being consistent is. It can be a full proof equipment for your family and peers. There is no maintenance and further comes with a warranty attached to keep you off from any cost bothering. The machine would work on your legs, muscles, bones and even manage your stress levels. There is a reduced cardiac risk after usage of the machine. The only thing that may bother you is the cost. If you are able to manage with that then nothing like it. The machine is a long term investment for your health.


Q: The machine involves which parts of the body majorly?
A: Once you start working, you would feel immense contractions in your thighs. But gradually you will notice, that pretty much all of your body parts are at work. Even you heart muscles would be involved in providing better blood circulation.

Q: My wife is really worried about her thighs and behinds after pregnancy, would it help her tone that?
A: Luckily, the machine is meant to use your leg muscles for the best it can. It helps your lower body immensely. Use it every day and keep at it for desired results.

Q: I need to lose weight and I have tried hitting the gym multiple times but it does not work for me. Will this machine help me attain desired results?
A: Yes, sure the machine can help you lose weight. If you use it frequently the machine will help you in weight lost. You can keep a check on that by weighing yourself after every 15 to 20 days.

Q: Is there any assembling involved?
A: No, the machine is straight to be used. You can order it and start working out the day you receive the parcel.

Q: I have been using my house steps for an exercise, is the stepper any better?
A: Yes, that is a good exercise indeed but the stepper does more to that. If you climb steps up and down you are mostly working on your lower body and that too monotonous while the stepper involves all body parts and also works on your cardiovascular health and managing your stress levels.

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